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Evening Milongas + Classes

São Bento da Vitória Monastery

Rua São Bento da Vitória 45, 4050-542 Porto

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Located in the heart of Porto, Mosteiro de São Bento da Vitória – classified as a National Heritage Site in 1977 – is one of the most important religious buildings in the city.

At the end of the 16th century, the monks of the former Portuguese Benedictine Congregation decided to build the Monastery as a mark of monastic presence and a point of support for the religious who moved from North to South and vice versa. At that time, the city of Porto was a nursery for illustrious monks and the Monastery stands out as an outstanding monument for its architectural grandeur, as well as for the activity of the monks, especially in terms of music and singing, creating here a true school, of that the imposing organ of the Church is still an emblem. The project was attributed to the architect Diogo Marques Lucas, a former disciple of Filipe Terzi. and building work began in 1604.

In this part of the city we can find several exlibris such as Café Magestic, one of the 10 most beautiful cafes in the world, Torre dos ClérigosLivraria LelloRibeira, etc.

Afternoon Milongas

Clube Fenianos Portuenses

Rua Clube dos Fenianos, 28, Porto 

Café Majestic
Praça da Ribeira
Livraria Lelo
Rio Douro
Torre dos Clérigos
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