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Sabrina Veliz / Ruben Veliz

Argentinians with over 20 years of experience, Sabrina and Ruben continue to shine in the world of Tango. As choreographers and dancers, they exerted a remarkable influence on the new generation of Tango artists, embodying fundamental concepts that had rarely been used before.
As teachers, they developed a clear, simple and coherent teaching method. based on the organic movement of the body and how it relates to the dance partner, focused on comfort and elegance.

Considered by many, teachers of teachers, they edited one of the first books on Tango.

Agustina Piaggio / Carlitos Espinoza

Agustina   is a young dancer and teacher. She started her career as a street dancer in Buenos Aires. He started very early to travel to Europe and Asia.Ballroom Tango World Champion.

Carlitos is a renowned dancer with a “dynamic milonguero” style who in the last 20 years has danced in Argentina, Chile and taught in hundreds of tango events in Europe, Asia and North America.They have loyal followers all over the world.


Magdalena Valdez / Sebastian Jimenez

Sebastian began his journey through Tango at only 9 years old, he started his competitive spirit early and participated in several national and international competitions, reaching first place in several, highlighting the Metropolitano 2010 World Tango in 2010, where he was the youngest champion ever.

Magdalena  began her tango career in 2001, participated in the most prestigious tango shows in Buenos Aires, being principal dancer in most of them. She participated several times as a judge in the Tango World Championship. A couple that excels in elegance and glamour.

Aldana Silveyra / Diego Ortega


Orchestra Tango Bardo



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